Never scan or fax your documents again!

Before ActiveSigner, adding your signature to a digital document was a tedious job — a complicated process that involved expensive hardware like scanners or digital cameras to capture your signature. It’s time say goodbye to all that hassle.

With ActiveSigner, you can import your signature and embed it in a document in seconds — no need to use an expensive, third party service in the cloud. Keep your signature where it is safest — on your own hard-drive.

Stop the paper workflow nightmare. Start signing digitally today.

Sign your documents. Simply.

  • Add your signature to any document in seconds

    Capture your signature from virtuall any source.

  • Convert your signature into high-quality vector format

    Scale it! Your signature won't loose quality.

  • Insert your signature into PDF, Word, and text files

    Sign any document: PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF & more!

  • Sign your important documents with ease

    Sign, insert, and export — it’s easy, quick, and intuitive. Insert the date and other supplementary information with the click of your mouse.

  • Capture your signature with your webcam

    Sign a piece of paper, place it in front of your webcam and let ActiveSigner take care of the rest.

  • Export to any popular document format

    ActiveSigner supports Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC & DOCX), OpenOffice, Rich Text Format (RTF) documents, and more. Export signed documents with one simple click.

  • Go digital, go green

    Never print, sign and scan a document again. With ActiveSigner, you'll be saving time and the environment.

  • Make it big, really big

    ActiveSigner converts your signature into a vector graphic. So, no matter how big you scale your signature, it won’t lose quality.

  • Have a digital signature on file? No problem!

    If you already have a scanned signature on file, ActiveSigner will automatically enhance it for you.

"I sign contracts all day long. All I needed to complete my paperless workflow was a document signing tool — ActiveSigner is it. It's simple, free, and works flawlessly everytime."

— Bill Paige, Patent Attorney, Manett + Phillips, LLP

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About our Digital Signature Solution

ActiveSigner is the simplest, fastest, and most secure way to sign and execute agreements of virtually any kind. From rental agreements and letters of intent, to purchase orders and bills of sale, ActiveSigner makes adding your signature to digital documents a breeze.

How is it free? We're a small invention studio that makes tools we like to use. While some of our products do cost money, we're comitted to giving back to the community by making available free software that we know everyone needs. ActiveSigner is one such tool.

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